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The power of pictures

In debriefs I’ve always hated Powerpoint presentations. Maybe I’ve not seen any decent ones, but there’s reasonable evidence that the format if fundamentally flawed as a presentation medium. In a project for Sky, instead of Powerpoint I created a …

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2 methods of Research Analysis

Overview I have two methods of working; analogue and digital. When working alone I do everything on the computer, however if I’m working with others I usually grab a room at the client’s and cover it with post-its. This gives visibility to the pro…

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Simon’s list of ux techniques I’m trying to improve on

Here’s my list of things I keep getting wrong. Often when reviewing video from interviews I hear myself wittering on instead of letting the participant speak. I’ve decided to write a list to remind myself not to keep repeating the same mistakes. W…

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Thoughts on Grounded Theory

What is Grounded Theory? It’s sort of qualitative and quantitate meeting. You go into a piece of research with the clear goal of not reading the past journals about it. Your first interviews are analysed immediately after they finish using coding….

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Project methodology

For the benefit of anyone else that works in the user experience and field of ethnography I thought I would give you a sketchy view of the way I work. My usual M.O. is to spend time doing desk research, which leads to potential area of interest to…

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Practical tips for conducting user research

My great friend, Nick Bowmast, and one of the best UX people I know shared some very useful tip that I hope he doesn’t mind me sharing with you. We were discussing that people are so eager to please in user sessions and theyfeel the a compulsion t…

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