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The question of ageing – How to provide dignity through design?

I gave a talk on Ageing at UX Brighton 2011 where I tried to make everyone in the UX field more aware of including older adults in our reserach and design processes. For those of us that are trying to convince people we work with that we should in…

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Ageing statistics

I’ve quoted a few statistics in my recent talk about Ageing and design at UX Brighton. More details on the UXBrighton 2011 website. You can view my slides on Slideshare. Sources “Less than 5% of television characters are portrayed over the age of …

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Using a video clip exercise to spice up debriefs

Overview If you have a debrief and you want to get your participants to take ownership of your findings you might want to try the following exercise. The exercise invites everyone to look for evidence for themselves by splitting into groups, watch…

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