Agile is the new heroin

The phrase Agile UX or Lean UX has reached new heights of obsession with clients and agencies in the UK. Geoff God’sElf [sic] has possessed everyone with his demonic words. Do I hear Moohaha? Just kidding.

I attended one of his courses and it’s all very sensible, altough his methods are wonderful there’s a danger they’re seen as a complete replacement of all types of research. I worry that the discovery phase will be skipped over in favour of asking 3 people every two weeks what they think of your prototype. I’m sure Geoff knows what he’s doing, but clients read ‘cost and time savings’ every time they see the word agile.

I’m not the only one with reservations…

Ok people, get out there an open up some cans of woop-ass


Design researcher, ethnographer and cat fancier

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