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Agile is the new heroin

The phrase Agile UX or Lean UX has reached new heights of obsession with clients and agencies in the UK. Geoff God’sElf [sic] has possessed everyone with his demonic words. Do I hear Moohaha? Just kidding. I attended one of his courses and it’s al…

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My morning commute

Taken at Canary Wharf Pier

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My standing desk

Taken at Shooters Hill

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An amazing local bookshop

After reading the shameful news about Amazon’s tax dodging schemes in Europe and the US, I decided to return to purchasing books from local bookshops whenever possible. To that end I happened upon a shop that opened about a year ago in Eltham. It’…

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Lisbon, the startup spirit

In April 2012 I was given the honour of speaking on the subject of ethnography at UX Cocktail hour, which was hosted by Startup Lisboa. The initiative was the brain child of James Page and Sabrina Mach who run Webnographer, which is one of Lisbon’…

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The happiness of mediocre pursuits

I love Flaubert’s pros in Chapter 7 of Madam Bovary… In the chiaroscuro of the workshop, the golden dust was streaming off the lathe, like the plume of sparks at the hoof of a galloping horse; the two wheels were turning, buzzing; Binet was smil…

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Cohdoo phone doo

Unboxing of Cohdoo’s phone foo templates. They are reusable shiny phone drawing areas. They are heavy weight and magnetic.

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